Trek Trails at Rancho Alegre

Trek Foundation

A Public Trail Development and Land Protection Initiative

Trek Foundation

The Trek Foundation was established in 2021 to help protect land, develop trail systems for public use, and provide more riders access to great places to ride. The trail systems The Trek Foundation helps fund will remain open, protected and free for all to use. The foundation was the driving force behind the building of Trek Trails Rancho Alegre. Trek is honored to be affiliated with the beautiful property and trails that are Rancho Alegre.

In addition to providing communities and mountain bikers with new and better trail networks, grants from the Trek Foundation help protect the surrounding land from development. These protected spaces will continue in their natural state, homes to vegetation and wildlife for generations to come.

The initiative is one of many projects that support Trek’s broader mission to change the world by getting more people on bikes. In its first year the foundation helped fund four trail projects, including Rancho Alegre. This is only the beginning of a long-standing commitment to protecting lands, investing in great places to ride, and promoting a future with more bikes and more access for every rider.

For more information about the Trek Foundation visit their website.