Trek Trails at Rancho Alegre

The Outdoor School

The Outdoor School

The Outdoor School at Rancho AlegreTeaching Respect, Inspiring Wonder

The Outdoor School at Rancho Alegre is a program of Los Padres Council Boy Scouts of America. It is a unique overnight, environmental education program serving the Central Coast for 50 years. 

After fire devastated the property, the restoration of The Outdoor School is one of the driving factors behind the push to rebuild Rancho Alegre. In this extraordinary learning space, fifth and sixth-grade students venture beyond the conventional classroom boundaries, diving into inspiring hands-on outdoor environmental and STEM educational activities. From hiking to exploring the wonders of nature, it’s not just education; it’s an adventure that unlocks doors to self-discovery, scientific wonders, the acquisition of new skills, and the creation of friendships that endure a lifetime. The Outdoor School is honored to have Trek Trails Rancho Alegre added to the programs available to students visiting this magic place.

Currently the school is being re-built. Donations are being accepted for this worthwhile cause. 

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